C2 Identity Running C2 Identity LDAPsync on your own NAS

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C2 Identity Running C2 Identity LDAPsync on your own NAS

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Hi all,

I am currently using an LDAP server on our Synology NAS (using for many years now). I found it the perfect setup for our on premises identity management needs as it provides replication to other Synology LDAP servers for failover and scheduled backups of user information.

I was recently exploring using Synology's C2 Identity cloud system to provide a "glue" to connect Microsoft/Google identity management back to our internal LDAP server.

This will provide auto provisioning of users and password changes across all systems. i.e. user only needs to change password in one spot and it is updated for Microsoft/Google logins plus all services within the Synology NAS such as network drives, VPN server, Drive and Chat.

This will also negate the need to migrate to a new identity system on our NAS (like Synology Edge Server) while also keeping the independence of both systems and enabling a simpler future migration path avoiding proprietary lockin.

Can you imagine my surprise when the supplied LDAP sync agent software downloaded from C2 Identity was NOT designed to run on a Synology NAS (DSM), only either Windows or Ubuntu Linux.

You would think Synology would promote integration with their NAS systems as an advantage to using their C2 cloud services.
Therefore I have created a docker container on Github to enable Synology NAS users to run C2 Identity LDAP sync on their own NAS system to avoid setting up a Linux or Windows machine just for this purpose.

You can find it at GitHub - bigmudcake/docker-c2ldapsync: Synology ldapsync in a Docker Container on your NAS

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