Running make within a container

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Running make within a container

Probably not 100% a Synology question but I'd like to run a make command within a (working) container. Is there a way to achieve this ?


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so is 'make' some kind of Linux command? If yes, bash inside the container to run the command?
well not sure the required tools are in there but, in any case, how would I go about that ? (as you can see I am pretty new to the whole container thing)
Oh no problem.
I am running OpenVPN in a container and I need to "customize" it to support MFA. This required building some module from source, hence the need to run a "make".
I understand that Synology does not contain dev tools and we should cross compile. That being said within a container I guess it would be acceptable to build... but I have no idea how to achieve this.
This is one of the cases where "make" allone is insufficient.
You will need to take the Dockerfile of the original Image and enricht the steps you need to compile the modules.
This is far away from beeing a task for a beginner, as you will need to know a) how to edit Dockerfiles (beeing able to read the Dockerfile reference helps a lot), b) how to install the required build chain in the os the base images uses ,c) actualy know the commands to compile the modules and d) know how to integrate it into openvpn (or wherever the target is).

You picked a topic with a steep learning curve ;)

To get back to the synology eco system I guess we need a x64 toolchain (ie the docker runs as an x86 processor) ?
Somehow your style of question reminds me to "let me google that for you" requests...

Word of advise: find the image maintainer's github page and raise a feature request.

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