S3 compatible Cloud Storage: BackBlaze B2 vs Storadera vs Alibaba OSS?

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S3 compatible Cloud Storage: BackBlaze B2 vs Storadera vs Alibaba OSS?

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Hi everyone. I have a backup setup where I have a main NAS and PCs backing up to a "backup NAS" using Hyperbackup and Active Backlup for Business respectively. Then, I am looking for backing up the "backup nas" to a cloud disk using an S3 compatible service. I am currently evaluating 3 services:
- Backblaze B2 at $5/TB - with some charges for downloads
- Storadera at EUR 6/TB but with no charges for downloads
- Alibaba's OSS which seems pretty cheap but with a tier based fee structure similar to AWS, complicated to calculate how much you are going to pay.

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience that can be shared with these 3 services?

Thank you in advance.
Otto Acuna

PS> Had been using AWS Glacier for many years, but as I moved to ABB and Hyperbackup, realized that Glacier does not read correctly the size of the compressed backup, giving trouble and exponentially increasing the measurement of what they are really backing up, with potential spiral of cost (based on erroneous data) in the backup.

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