Question SABnzbd - cannot create final folder

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Question SABnzbd - cannot create final folder

I have the package for SABnzbd installed from SynoCommunity. This has always worked nicely.

However, after the last update (2.3.9-41), after the download it fails with a "cannot create final folder" error.

I have read and understand the new system with the sc-download group. This group has full admin permissions on the folder where SABnzbd is trying to create the final folder/file. I even tried giving sc-sabnzbd full permissions as well, to no avail.

Who can point me in the right direction? :)
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Using the GUI I see that the group "sc-download" has full permissions and that they are propagated correctly. Don't know how I can check this at the *nix prompt?


I also checked that the right users are in the group and this also seems to be the case:
:~$ sudo synogroup --get sc-download
Group Name: [sc-download]
Group Type: [AUTH_LOCAL]
Group ID: [65536]
Group Members:

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