Solved SABnzbd - Missing module: cryptography

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Solved SABnzbd - Missing module: cryptography

I upgraded SABnzbd to the latest version and all of a sudden it won't start any more. When I look at the sabnzbd.log file in /var/packages/sabnzbd/target/var, I see:
Starting sabnzbd command env LANG=en_US.UTF-8 /volume1/@appstore/sabnzbd/env/bin/python3 /volume1/@app
store/sabnzbd/share/SABnzbd/ -f /volume1/@appstore/sabnzbd/var/config.ini --pidfile /volume1
/@appstore/sabnzbd/var/ -d
Not all required Python modules are available, please check requirements.txt
Missing module: cryptography
You can read more at:
If you still experience problems, remove all .pyc files in this folder and subfolders

I have installed the Python3 module from SynoCommunity (Allan Clark, version 3.7.7-12). Any ideas what I'm doing wrong and how to solve? Thanks in advance!
Oh no, I honestly create these posts too early. :D

Some further Googling learnt that I could install python3 packages with pip3. So I did that using ./pip3 install cryptography and lo and behold, SABnzbd now runs. Weird that I had to do that, as the previous version ran fine without crypography. Ohwell, solved!

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