RT2600ac Safe Access on router and Pi-hole on NAS

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RT2600ac Safe Access on router and Pi-hole on NAS

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As I own the Synology RT2600ac router and I like the Safe Access package there (mainly for the parental control features), I have question: would it be possible to use Safe Access on my router and pi-hole on my NAS (in Docker) in the same time? Would this be possible? If yes, then how to configure them both (DNS etc.) to work properly? I also have the DoH (DNS over HTTPS) via Cloudflare set up in my router (SRM).
I would be very happy for any advice for this.
If you want to use AdGuard on your network, the first thing you need to do is disable DoH on your router (AdGuard can do this instead), or else you cant set DHCP clients to use AdGuard as DNS.

I have very bad experience with using Safe Access in combination with a local DNS service, so I can't comment anyrthing further than this as I've disabled the packages on my routers.
From memory of setting up Safe Access: Safe Access intercepts DNS requests sent to the router and it applies the access policy to the requested URLs. For ones that it deems as OK it then uses SRM's own Internet DNS servers.

If you want to use a local DNS server then you'll have to set SRM's Internet DNS server settings to point to your local DNS server (not a DNS server on the Internet).

If you run DNS Server on SRM you still won't access it when running Safe Access unless SRM's Internet DNS server setting is set to the router itself.

I run a local DNS and have set SRM's DNS to be itself plus OpenDNS (as a fallback). My SRM DNS Server is a slave zone for a primary on DSM's DNS Server, but you could point SRM to PiHole, or whatever you like.

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