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Have been using the synologys' photo app on my phone for a long time. Recently Samsung updated their One UI to a new version, "6.1." Has anyone out there with the new ui experiencing issues with the photo app. Mine doesn't seem to upload or recognize new photos added to the gallery. TIA
On the phone with One UI 6.1 (A55 5G) I recently installed a photo app from Synology. I chose to back up all photos in the beginning, and it is going really slowly. It stops on file and then a restart is needed to continue the process. Furthermore, the application sometime crashes when this happens.
I guess later it will be some other issue, even if the backup will finish (as you have with new files).

I did the same thing with the other phone and One UI 5 and everything went smoothly.

I bet it is something with the Photos app.
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Finally got it straightened out! first clear the cache and data, then, remove the app. Clear the phones main cache partition. restart the phone and reinstall the photo app and run it.
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Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, it doesn't help in my case because my phone is new, and the photo app was a fresh installation.
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