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Neighbor and longtime friend’s house on another mountain just got internet service 6 months ago, and he bought a RT2600ac.
I set it up for him, and a plain vanilla mode 10 SD Card was used for TP. (Shortly after setting it up a discussion elsewhere led to me replacing my mode 10 SD card in my RT2600ac with an enhanced SD Card).

He did not want router emails configured, so of course alerts were not sent. He doesn’t want to do any router maintenance. !!

We Logged into it last night to update programs, and discovered, in Device, No SD Card was seen. I took it and found SD contents scrambled here at home. I’ve instructed him to buy an enhanced SD card, and we’ll get TP going on a more robust card
He’s not at 1.2.5 yet, so SD slot isn’t accelerated yet.
Early on I had a mode 6 card have issues, which I figured was a speed issue, and figured that mode 10 would be more robust. I guess not! Ongoing.
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I did convince him to get a UPS.
Has same model I’ve got: Cyberpower 1500VA with AVR, and I wired it for his Modem, router, cable box & TV, and his house is on generator, too, so he only needs 45 or so seconds of backup

I considered a HD, but every USB3 enclosure I have is sealed. Maybe a SSD? Only needs a small one
I considered a HD, but every USB3 enclosure I have is sealed. Maybe a SSD? Only needs a small one
Can try it. I got the cheapest WD Elements SE in the shop as it was an urgent purchase and I lost confidence in the USB flash drive. My theory was it got too hot and having the storage outside the router is better.

Also, haven't tested recently, but the hardware eject button used to do it for all devices connected to the two USB ports and SD card slot. So best not use it.
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Can try it. I got the cheapest WD Elements SE in the shop as it was an urgent purchase and I lost confidence in the USB flash drive.
makes sense. Ordered a M.2 USB3 enclosure, as it appears as smaller M.2’s are available than 2.5” SATA’s these days. Any comments on M.2 MFG’s?
I’m thinking Seagate Ironwolf M.2. OR would that be overkill?
That was simple: Email to friend in Illinois results in emtec x250 256GB M.2 coming gratis.
Both USB3 to M.2 assemblies arrived simultaneously.
Used what appeared to be better of the two, the one with built in heat sink and heat pads.
prior to install on RT2600ac. Did a Windows test, and measured heat with spot tester. Two readings taken: one over controller chip, one over ram chips, on heat sink.
Start cold controller 75F ram 75
20 min later, after manage, format, Multiple speed tests, 10GB COPY, 10 GB READ a couple times: controller 91. Ram 89
Then, shut down RT2600ac, remove SD Card, install USB3. After power up, verify TP is running and up to date, verified all class signatures are enabled, then restored the 142 Self Defined TP Rules, and let it run for 10 min.
Controller 97 Ram 96
Seems to be running ok.
Will check temps over next few days.
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I agree... That's where it was placed.... Left it out for pix so you could get better view of enclosure type... It's an ORICO TCMF-C3-BK-BP
And 20 hours after install Controller area of Heatsink is 102F and Ram area is 107F

I'm hoping to catch the TP Update tonight so I can 'time the Update' to compare speed of USBV3/M.2 to Extreme PRO SD Card. I know how long it took on SD card with 142 Self Defined Rules (With and Without Overclocking of SD Controller)... The latest 1.2.5 in RT2600ac appears to have overclocked SD card controller over 1.2.4... so I stopped manually overclocking of SD Controller a couple months ago...
I'm supposed to go to Neighbor's and install his new SD Card/restart TP, and Update to 1.2.5 in his RT2600ac sometime in next week....
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102F and Ram area is 107F
Other than 32F = 0C and 82F = 28C (ish) I've no concept of what's hot and cold in Fahrenheit, and I'm not young. After 50 years the UK red top newspapers still report hot weather in F (cos it's a big number).

C = (F - 32) / 1.8

So 39C and 42C.
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Give me a challenge, will you? Took a bit to find info... Changed spot tester to C
After converting to C:
Took second readings, first wasn't on 'hot spot'.... Controller 37 Ram 37.6
How's that?

Temperatures have stabilized...
At 7AM this morning, With room temperature being 73F, and USBV3/M.2 assembly tucked under rear of RT2600ac, I measure 98F on Controller, 102F on Ram... I'm comfortable with those readings.... Still waiting to catch a TP Update to time the Update to compare against an SD card.. Once I get that done, I ignore it!!
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Finally got to time Update... (stopwatch) 2 min for Update + 142 Self Defined Rules... Significantly faster than Fast SD Card, even when overclocked! Project at Completion!
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A couple weeks later, Follow up exam: temps same, speed far better than SD Card, (as proven by many timed updates with 142 User Rules)... M.2 in USB3 enclosure (for Logs and Threat Prevention) a complete success...

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