SD card reviews for your photo NAS workflow (from the card to your storage)

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SD card reviews for your photo NAS workflow (from the card to your storage)

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there is one basic principle:
when you need copy of your data from a SD card (camera) to your NAS through your desktop/laptop, just think about the SD card performance heavy bottleneck in this case.
Nothing will help you, even USB-C, TB3 or 10GB Eth, when your SD card is able to perform sequential read near to 300MB/s = it will be world record now. Yeap, 64GB of such card cost is about 120Euro.
Then better way is directly attached Card reader to NAS, with adequate SD card standards support. USB3 is really fast enough for such transfer for the NAS (in best case max. 40% of possible speed utilization).

I found this great article, what is a proof of such theory. You can find there not just SD card performance reviews. There are also test of write speed for some well known cameras for each reviewed SD cards.

Then simple 2 or 4bay DASes with integrated SD card readers and TB3 interface for photographers is just a trap for an inexperienced. Even with preinstalled drives. No doubt, NASes can provide more than simple storage.

PS: 1Gbps = 128MB/s = 3.2 x 40MB sized RAW per second ... how many of them do you need for an editing in real time in your desktop side?


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