NAS Compares Seagate 510 NVMe SSD for NAS Revealed

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NAS Compares Seagate 510 NVMe SSD for NAS Revealed

Early last year, when I first heard that Seagate was a developing a range of solid-state drives (SSD) to be used in NAS servers, I have to admit I was a little dubious. The announcement of a brand new Ironwolf NVMe m.2 based Seagate NAS SSD in the new 510 series is definitely music to my ears, but I did not always feel this way. Although hard drives and mechanical/platter-based disk technology had advanced in some incredible tailored ways to best suit the end-users (such as NAS dedicated, surveillance dedicated and desktop dedicated models, with Mach 2 dual actuator drives coming soon), commercially available solid-state drives were very, very similar to one another in the and I found it hard to see how you can differentiate one commercial SSD drive from another, let alone class one as optimised for network-attached storage devices. NAS hard drives are ideal for servers because they are optimised for 24/7 use, RAID configurations, power efficiency and sporadic read and write access. However most of these factors can be applied to almost all solid-state drives and therefore on the face of it, it seems that a NAS based SSD is rather unnecessary. Boy was I wrong! When I first played with the Seagate Ironwolf 110, I was left with a very good impression of the construction of the drive along with how it performed against its rivals in both NAS caching and raw storage pool access against other SATA drives. These new Ironwolf 510 SSDs take that same logic and design and take it even further, promising some of the highest NVMe drive speeds we have seen, as well as 1.0 Data Writes per Day (DWPD), so that means the drive supports full drive capacity scale writing daily, without fear of NAND degradation or errors. Let’s take a closer look at what we know about the new 510 NVMe SSD for NAS servers.

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