Seagate Seagate Exos X series - useful for >10TB/HDD in your NAS

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Seagate Seagate Exos X series - useful for >10TB/HDD in your NAS


when you need to be sure, that you will get performance from your HDD in NAS, you can take Seagate Exos X series (previously known as Constellation ES, used now by me)

Advantages based on real example = 10TB HDD:
- same price than for IronWolf Pro series (ST10000NE0008), even same price than IronWolf (ST10000VN0008)
- no 180TB/y workload limit, as for IronWolf or 300TB/y as for IronWolf Pro
- better performance parameters

Be sure there is a difference between Exos X and Exos E78 series!
Your point?
DS1819+, DS1815+
Operating system
  1. Windows
Mobile operating system
  1. iOS
I would like to see how that performs against a WD (formerly HGST) Ultrastar.

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