Seeding old backup files to new Syno

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Seeding old backup files to new Syno

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I have an off-site backup which I want to move from its current hard drive to my new Synology. I can just copy it over, right. But, say I discover the Syno backup software is nice and I want to use that, will it be happy to start with the 'seeded' files at the destination?

I don't see why not but you never know!

FWIW, I've been using ChronoSync to do all my backups and I find it Very Good. If one (there are many, which?!) of the DSM backup tools does what I want (backup files to off-site Syno) I'll use that.

Unless everyone says "don't"!
So the DSM NAS will be the backup destination of whichever backup solution you're using? Sounds that the NAS is just a network file sharing service in this scenario, so it's down to your backup solution to be happy with the copied-over content.

How you 'move' (copy?) the backup data to the NAS will probably dictate if the backup solution treats it as it did before the move. You could try using the backup solution to run a new task to move/copy the data and keep file attributes consistent. You should then be confident that the data has transferred successfully (backup software usually validates the transfer, unlike OS file copy).

From what are you backing up? Mac to NAS? Then the only Synology option (to date) is a backup task which part of Synology Drive. I have this setup but my main cloning and backup app is CCC on Mac to whichever destination (USB, Firewire, NAS) that is needed.
You could try using the backup solution to run a new task to move/copy the data and keep file attributes consistent.
Yes, it is the sensible option. But I'm running off-site backups. I think simply copying the current backup HD to the Syno would work fine. ChronoSync will complain that bad stuff could happen but I've moved backups before and the sky didn't fall. Yet! I don't really want to start a fresh backup to an empty folder as it will take a week* over the 'net but I can copy it locally.

We have two Synologys, I want data from one to go to the other as off-site backup. And the same in the other direction. There seem to be a couple of DSM apps which will do this for me.

I also want to backup Macs to the Syno. Again, there is a DSM solution or I can continue with ChronoSync as now .

* maybe not a whole week, but days for sure
Backing up from one NAS to another: start by looking at Hyper Backup.

Backing up Mac to NAS: as I said before
  • Synology Drive Server on the NAS and Synology Drive Client on Mac: this provides two task types
    • Backup task for keeping selected Mac folders backed up.
    • Dropbox-like two-way sync of personal and shared 'team' folders.
    • Each Shared Folder (home and 'team') that is enable in Synology Drive Admin Console can have version retention enabled. This allows for number of versions and rotation policy.
  • Third-party app like ChronoSync or CCC and it's own versioning method.

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