Self Hosted Music Streaming with other functions.

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Self Hosted Music Streaming with other functions.

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Hi all,

I'm currently trying to sort out a request for my wife.
I've currently got airsonic working, however that's not good enough.

I'm after the ability to self host the following:
Music streaming
Ability to download the files locally to be played with no internet connection
On device playlists
Android App

I don't want to integrate it into Emby, she only wants music to be offered.
I don't want to create another account for her in Emby which is only offered the music library as this will also confuse the situation.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated :D
I'm guessing Audio Station isn't cutting it either :)

Personally I use Plex and the Plexamp mobile app, which costs by itself or is included with the Plex Pass. I guess that's the equivalent of your current Emby. So no dice too.

Can you explain what Airsonic is doing right and also what are the deficiencies that need to be filled. Also what devices are being used. As it is I'm not familiar with Airsonic or (looks up on t'web) Subsonic.
@fredbert I've moved everything away from the Synology apps where possible.
Audiostation regularly refused to allow her to connect after an update.

Airsonic allows the streaming side which is perfect.
Has a good selection of compatible apps:

App used - Ultrasonic (however also tested with subsonic and audinaut)
playlists are server side only.
Download seems to be to it's own app/data folder which isn't seen by other apps.
(that said I may have found a setting to save to a normal area which will then be scanned by the system).
if the Download now works she can use one app to stream and browse what's on the NAS, then download it to her phone and create playlists using another app... Not perfect but at least it may work. :D

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