Sell storage to clients, what to use?

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Sell storage to clients, what to use?

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Hi everyone, I am thinking of renting / selling disk space to customers.
Think of private users as backup for their computer / laptop / mobile device but also of small to medium-sized companies as backup for server / NAS / Office365 / G Workspace etc.
An (extra) offsite backup is also possible.

The best thing would be if there was a program that would allow you to sell this online.
See for example here: Private Cloudstorage | Porton
This program could be offered via a website, after which people immediately after creating an account, choose a cloud solution and pay for their files.

Is there such a solution that you can run via a docker, for example, is that known to anyone?

Tips and advice are also welcome.
I can imagine such service providing only in case, that I have:
- wholesale contract for a connectivity from regional backbone provider. Otherwise some of your competitors will easy eating your throughput and your brand will be finished early. Then you need pay for the line(s), SLA and of course for the transported capacity.

There are 3 main categories of data owners:
- main group, follow Pareto principle = 80% (even more). You don’t have better offer for them than Google or Apple. They don’t like new Apps, ... and they will pay for easy solution. Don’t expect tech experts here.
- second group. Group balanced between Cloud providers and their own Storage service. Here is really heavy competition for their money in each EU country. This is a red colour for every healthy mind, when you don’t have existing customers = a monetise of the existing base.
- third group, they have fixed such problem and you don’t have a relevant offer for them.

An example (because you have NL in registration):
How you can provide a competitive offer for an existing customers of local ISP from Veendam (SKV), who owns lines = traffic?
Hello all,

thanks for the comments.

I'm not supposed to be some kind of new blackblaze or something. It is a relatively small-scale cloud storage for people who are running a NAS and need an extra backup or people who want to keep their server or PC synchronized at an external location.

Because a system that works as automatically as possible is most convenient for everyone, I came up with the Dutch example.

They have their solution running on Synology.

Agreements you make regarding availability, etc. are recorded in an SLA that people agree to.

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