DSM 7.0 Sending emails within the same domain and network

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DSM 7.0 Sending emails within the same domain and network


I have a MailPlus server setup with a 3rd party relay service for sending. Let's say both user A and B are belong to the same domain and the same network.

1. If user A send a email to user B, would the email have to go through the 3rd party relay server and come back to the MailPlus?

2. Or the MailPlus is smart enough that it can figure out that the recipient is also belong to the same domain. So it decides that not go through the relay service and drop the email directly to the recipient's mailbox. I haven't seen such setting in MailPlus.

When the email addresses configured in maiPlus are used, the mail server will not use the relay, but deliver it directly to the user. you can check this by looking at the email header
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