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Hello syno community... Couple of questions as moving away from an Asus router set up to a synology system.

Currently on virgin 1gig fibre in the UK, on my current router I've got it connected into the 2.5gbe wan port on my router and I'm using a wireless backhaul to my other router in the Aimesh set up... Now I've got a couple of RT6600 on the way to replace them, I was wondering if I should change things a bit.

Whichever set up I chose I'll be using a wired backhaul as I've just ran a cat7 cable between the 2 routers... But I was wondering as my incoming wan is capped at 1gbe ISP speed should I use a 1gbe port and then use the 2.5gbe port between the 2 routers as backhaul? That way all internal traffic has plenty of bandwidth available, IE Synology Nas downstairs streaming to TVs around the place etc?

Also I've seen download station can be run on the router, can it be done via VPN or would that mean all connections had to be via a VPN?

Thanks in advance

Yes I know cat 7 was overkill but it was no more expensive than cat5 so ran it anyway...

So would you use the 2.5gbe as the wan on a 1gbe ISP connection, or use the 2.5gbe as the backhaul between the two routers?

And what about download station via VPN on srm1.3
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Put the VirginMedia Hub into bridge/modem mode and connect it to the RT6600ax’s WAN port. There’s no benefit using up the RT6600ax’s 2.5 GbE port for WAN… you only have a max of 0.9 Gbps download on the broadband, and even less upload.

Then use the 2.5 GbE ports as the wired back haul on each RT6600ax. This especially if you are using local storage/services with local client.

Edit: Just checked and VM claim to have up to 1130 Mbps. So really it’s up to you: do you really see sustained need for >1 Gbps download?

I have my RT6600ax and WRX560 using the 2.5 GbE as back haul. With a 1 GbE WAN to Giganet / City Fibre ONT. But then I have 500/500 Mbps, even though 900/900 was only £2/month more. I’m even thinking 300/300 would‘ve been plenty.
That's what I was thinking, and yes kids are often watching stuff from my ds920 via Plex on multiple TVs on local clients.

Currently I get 1120mb download and 103mb upload. So using the 2.5gbe as wan seems a waste.
Use the 1Gb port from the Virgin hub in Modem mode, our UK internet is VM cable, so I was prepared to "lose the 1150Mbps" and only have 1Gbe. (Apparently its a marketing ploy, as they can only advertise the speed that 90% of users get, hence why many gigabit services are advertised as 900Mbps.)
Connect both RT6600AX via 2.5Gbe ports
Good choice with the Cat7 BTW, while its overkill for 2.5, when we go to 10Gbe or greater you will be congratulating yourself :)

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