Question setting up docker for radarr/sonarr/sabnzbd etc

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Question setting up docker for radarr/sonarr/sabnzbd etc

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i'm about to set up apps in Docker (my starting point for docker knowledge is pretty low).

Radarr, Sonarr, Sabnzbd, Transmission, Jackett

i know how to configure it mostly to get it running, but i need to clarify the "volume" paths for each.
basically i'll have radarr and sonarr search for the content, add it to sabnzb or transmission (as appropriate) and then once complete it'll move the content to the appropriate media folder.

for each app i'm adding a folder in
and mounting it to

for sabnzbd and transmission that will need a mount to where downloads will be placed, yes?
for radarr and sonarr those will need mounts to the download location that sabnzbd and tranmission use, and mounts to the where the media will end up?

my current file structure is....

/Volume1/data/media/Live Comedy/
/Volume1/data/media/TV Shows/
/Volume1/data/media/Music Videos/

so do i have this right or have i missed anything in terms of volume mounts?
In general you haven’t missed a point with volumes. Most apps will have multiple volume destinations. In some cases some apps will just need the root volume map and the rest will be created and maintained within the app itself. For example most usenet download apps will need just the root download destination. Later on app will create complete, incomplete, etc folders on it own.

For radarr and sonarr config folder is the main folder for each of them and then movies and tv shows respectfully, depending on the app.

Jackett needs a single config mount point considering it’s talking to download managers and apps via api and user keys and just passing search results.

So all in all, keep an eye on the required volume maps and check what potential optional ones you need. Post back if you get stuck.
so for sonarr and raddar just mount /data/downloads and /data/media? no need to drill it down any further than that?

and sabnzbd and transmission just mount /data/downloads ?

should i use the same mount names thruout all dockers just to keep it unified?
radarr and sonarr have their /tv and /movies folders mapped to any destinations that is the correct location on your nas. Also /download map to a location of your choice as well.

On top of this map the /config folder as well to have both apps config on your nas and not inside the container.

Regarding san and trans I would have to look considering that I don’t use any of them. So don’t know by heart what volumes they use.
yes but does /movies (for radarr) have to be mapped to /data/media/movies or is /data/media sufficient? reason i ask is that radarr could look to multiple places for content /data/media/movies and /data/media/live comedy (for example).

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