Setup & run a VM on an external SSD?

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Setup & run a VM on an external SSD?

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I have a spare USB3 external SSD, and wanted to try setting up a VM on it (in the thinking that it might be a little faster than on the Synology's spinning disks).

After plugging the SDD into the Synology then creating a new VM it only shows the option to use the storage I created previously (VMM > Storage).

Is there any way to add or enable to the external SSD to VMM in order to add VMs to it?
You will be able to run vmm on volumes that dsm can “see”. External devices are not it. Use that ssd in that enclosure on your pc.

I use a raid0 ssd setup running via thunderbolt for all fast vmm needs

So in my case I could plug the SSD into my iMac or Intel NUC (running Ubuntu). Then mount that in DSM via Samba, and it would be visible/selectable in VMM?
Sorry not what I meant. Use it on your mac and use a vmware fusion or parallels to run it. You will not be able to see ssds as shares from your mac.
Oh, right. Thanks for clarifying that.

So yea, I'll either run them on my iMac or Ubuntu which are running on SSDs anyway 🙂

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