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Setup to forward ALL incoming emails

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Hi all,

I have MailPlus running on my DS216+II. I have a DS118 in another location (can connect to each other via a site-to-site VPN tunnel).

I was wondering if I can install Mail Server on the DS118 and set it up to forward any email it receives to my MailPlus server on the DS216+II . This way, I can set the DS118 as secondairy in my DNS MX records incase my DS216+II goes down so the DS118 can temporarly 'capture and hold' emails untill the DS216+II MailPlus comes back up.

Anyhow has any clue if it's possible to set this up via SSH or something? Thanks.
Are you thinking to only use the STMP server of Mail Server on the DS118, to relay to the main DS216+II? You need to be careful not to leave this as an open-relay because you’ll likely get added the the anti-spam lists.

Generally you have to define the right domain so that anyone can send mail to thus domain, for all other domains (relaying mail) you should enable access authentication.

So if Mail Server/Mail Station/DSM doesn’t have settings for forwarding mails to another server (I’m lounging on the sofa and not getting up to check!) then you need to manually change Postfix config in and probably the virtual_hosts files.

Have a look at my catch-all tutorial for Mail Server to see how to try to keep changes after reboots.
Just thinking about this. The IMAP service uses Dovecot. I’m wondering about running mail services on both NAS as if they are standalone but with the same configs and accounts. Then investigate synchronising the Dovecot databases. Looks like it’s possible but I’ve not done it.

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