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Question sftp to remote server

ds819j (x8)
Operating system
I have multiple DS218j nas devices behind a firewall. I have a script that currently runs on all the nas devices to ftp .tif images to a server located behind same firewall. I do not have access to the server other than sending images. They are going to update to using sftp to receive these images. I am in need of help on a script to send these images via sftp using a password and user name. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My current script is:

chmod +x
lftp -u user,password << EOF
mirror -R -n -I *.tif -I *.tif -X Collage/ -X ‘whatever/’ -X .piccache/ -X .recent/ -X Originals/ -X *.Db -X ‘@eaDir/’ $SOURCE $BACKUPDIR/
ds819j (x8)
Operating system
I don't know if it allowed here or not, but I would reward for the first answer that works and can run in a script.
I'm not familiar with lftp but see it's one of the DSM command line utilities.

lftp home page LFTP - sophisticated file transfer program and here you'll find the LFTP - the manual page

Reading the blurb it says that lftp support SFTP. You can test how lftp selects and uses SFTP by enabling the DSM SFTP service and trying to connect to it on the local machine. Looks to be configuration settings according to the man page, provided Synology build lftp with SFTP suppport.

BTW I assume you just put the start of the ash script and that the 'EOF' line to end lftp's inserted here doc is later in your script. Also later you'll 'source' or '.' the script to run it, or something.
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