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Hi again... I m getting crazy.. trying to start this easy docker:

$ docker create \
--name shaarli \
-v shaarli-cache:/var/www/shaarli/cache \
-v shaarli-data:/var/www/shaarli/data \
-p 8000:80 \

The Log says its ready to handle cponnections but error page when http://IP_NAS:8000

Any help please experts ??
Like I wrote: it works for me.

It is never a good idea to showcase an issue with anything else than with what you actualy did. People tend to redact what they actualy did and usualy hide what actualy caused the problem.

Thus said, would you mind sharing your current container configuration with us?
i m sorry, this is the exact code i ve run:

$ docker create \
    --name shaarli \
    -v /volume1/docker/Shaarli/cache:/var/www/shaarli/cache \
    -v /volume1/docker/Shaarli/data:/var/www/shaarli/data \
    -p 8677:80 \
$ docker start shaarli
Same result: works for me. The "Install Shaarli" installation page appears right away.

First I though maybe this is one of the images that relies on the copy-on-create mechanism for volumes that copies existing data from the contaienr target folder into the volume, but the target folders are empty in the image. So this is not the problem.

The image uses a fairly uncommon folder structure for an image that uses s6-overlay. Even though the container starts with root priviliges, the nginx and php-fpm7 process are started with the restricted user nginx. The user has the UID 100 and GID 101. Since I created the host folders with mkdir -p /volume1/docker/Shaarli/{cache,data}, the permission mask for the folders is 777. Thus, the user inside the image could write files (which didn't happen because I didn't finish the installer).

You could try to check wether it makes a difference if the owner if these folders is 100:101.
If this doesn't help, then I have no idea.

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