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I'm looking for the most straightforward method to perform one-way sync of about 30TB between a DS3617xs and a DS3018xs (both with Btrfs) on a 10G Local Network. Mostly archived media files with occasional additions - and very rare deletions. We require a (read-only) 'mirror' image of the source shared folders on the target NAS. Sync would be run overnight; when there is no activity on the source NAS.

I have used Shared Folder Sync in the past; and it seems to meet the requirements for this usage scenario. So my questions... Is there a compelling reason to consider Cloud Station (presumably deprecated), Shapshot Replication, or Synology Drive. And are there any downsides to Shared Folder Sync for my purpose?

We are currently using versioned HyperBackup on a separate target NAS for recovery purposes; and plan to continue doing so,

Thanks for any comments or suggestions. Ron
Snapshot/replication package will be a great solution in this case. After the initial backup (snap) it will make new ones in matter of minutes (depending on the change) and you will have a great ramsoware protection solution as well as accidental deletion. Restore can be in place or remote depending on the need.

I also believe that the snapshot replication is the best way to achieve what you want.
It simplifies the process, is super fast and you have an exact copy of what you want to keep, including their snapshots.
I can't see any downsides.
Using another method on the other hand, you will have some kind of redundancy, in case the bug of the century that corrupts data will emerge and affects the snapshot creation or replication. But that would be rather impossible to happen.

I wish Synology will make feasible the snapshot replication to external HDDs, as is the case in FreeNAS ( I am not sure if there is restriction from BTRFS though).
Thanks for the suggestions! Good to have a couple points of view. I'm still leaning towards simple rsync; but I'm now researching Snap/Rep, as well. We have a versioned HyperBackup target on a RAID 6 array; and that will remain in place. So no critical need for versioning in this case; but you can never have too many backups!

@jeyare suggested NFS. I've read a bit on it; but I'm a Web app designer/programmer with limited networking expertise. Is there anything I should know about setting up NFS; or is it pretty much a matter of clicking the box?

Thanks for any additional pointers.

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