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Shared folder sync from Synology to QNAP

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Shared folder sync from Synology to QNAP

I have a Synology DS418 and a QNAP TS-431P sitting in the same closet plugged into the same router. My goal is for the QNAP to act as a backup for the Synology, in case the controller board fails or the power supply melts, etc.

I have a share "Filez" on both, with the same data. When I make changes to files/directories on the Filez share on the Synology, I want them automagically propagated to the QNAP.

I set up rsync and Hyper Backup, but instead of comparing the two root share directories as I would expect rsync to, it creates its own directory structure inside Filez/Filez.hbk and puts all the data there...It seems "backup" and "sync" are somewhat ambiguous terms, and I'm not sure what to search for to accomplish my goals.

Basically, instead of running an rysnc command on my laptop between the two shares mounted via SMB, I want the Synology to do it for me, on a schedule. Is there a simple way to accomplish this?


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So what exactly do you want? A sync and a backup are 2 different things.

If you want a browsable backup on your QNAP, I would suggest to look into the 'single version' backup options that is available in HyperBackup.
If the Synology melts, I'd like to be able to point my aliases/symlinks to the QNAP, and have it be effectively the same directory/files/share.

I just want the share contents the same in both places, with changes flowing in one direction...as if every night I opened both shares on my computer, dragged one over and selected "Overwrite if different, delete if missing."

"Single version" seems to create a different set of strange files...
This person has the same issues, but the solution involves just...dealing with the weird directories:

Not terrible, but not great.

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