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Question Sharing files with someone not an administrator

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Hello all,

I have recently bought a DS218+ and would like to be able to share my photo & video files with my daughter, who lives out of state. I have looked at various Synology help files, onlinec etc., and everything I can find seems only to talk about downloading or they have to have administrator access. I thought that Synology Drive might work but so far, I can't get it to work (just get a can't connect or Not secure message) and maybe I need my own domain to get that working? I know she could download DSM but she would need administrator rights for that, correct?.

I have many thousands of photos and videos in multiple directories and would like to be able to give my daughter a link (or a view only account if that works better) that would allow her to browse the files, view or play them, and download individual files if she chooses. Is there a way to easily do that? Thanks!
welcome here!
first you need click to our Resource, then use there green download button and read carefully entire Security guide.
Then you will understand better of Administrator account usage in DSM.

Then we can continue with main question set regarding your interest to share:
- what kind of video files (average size in GB)
- what is your current home internet data product (speed of Download/Upload)
After you will get a recommendation based on your answer.

For the remote connection:
- you need setup Quickconnect for the remote connection. Pls use SEARCH feature in this forum for the Quickconnect
- you need define user for her and permissions. Aslo use SEARCH

For the documents browsing and exchange:
- for simple data share is applicable File Station or DS File
- for advanced feature is better to use Synology Drive
All necessary guidelines you can find in our part - here
I guess I will have to get back to you after I implement the security guidelines. Many are already in place but some are not.
Some of the video files are large - up to 2 GB. But there are a lot more photo files that are much smaller and mush more likely to be browsed.
Connection speed is usually about 46 down and 6 up.
I tried QuickConnect but from what I read, it is more about downloading specific files rather than browsing. For Synology Drive, I read that I needed a domain name in order to get a certificate from LetsEncrypt.

I'm guessing I have a lot of this wrong. I haven't set up a NAS before.

Thanks for your help.
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No need to use quickconnect, you can manage acces via photo station itself.
good news:
Quickconnect is base of your direct connection from internet to your NAS when you don’t have your own domain. Useful for Synology smart app (DS File, Drive,...)
Synology DDNS is similar, but useful for your “browsing” experiences.
you can use all mentioned services also for remote photo browsing (your daughter)

bad news:
your Upload speed is about 6Mbps and w/o guarantee
your video file size is up to 2GB
then your daughter will get really poor experience, when she will try to play any of videos remotely
Thanks for your responses. I'm not so much concerned with the videos. Most of what I have is jpg files which are at medium resolution and much much smaller. I will try to implement your recommendations but I am not at all familiar with DDNS and suspect I am showing my this area

I can upgrade my upload speed to about 35 Mbps for not too much more than I'm paying now. If all else fails, I guess I can "sort of" accomplish this with a USB drive mailed back and forth a few times a year:( but the pictures are updated much more often than that.

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