sharing link 10k+ files 75 GB

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sharing link 10k+ files 75 GB

I am new to my NAS so I am not sure the best way to do this.

It isn't a frequent thing but I have approximately 12,000 files that total 75 GB that I need to get to three different people that are located in two different states and a different country.

Will the file station share a link thing work with this many files? I think when you download the folder it makes a ZIP file. Can a ZIP file have that many files and be 75GB?

These are not regular people I interact with and need to make them users for future things. I just need to get them these files one time.

I have not setup FTP on my NAS yet and the necessary rules on my router and I am not even home to where I could do it.
I would suggest to setup Drive on your NAS. Via Drive portal your users will get the content of that shared folder and they can decide if they wanna download the whole package or select specific files that they want to pull down. Multiple files will also be compressed beforehand.
Depending on how good* the outbound connectivity is then sending a 75GB file might lead to repeated requests.

You may want to consider limiting the outbound speed for Drive using Control Panel's Network / Traffic Control. If they consume all of it then you won't even be able to send out DNS requests.

*speed and reliability
definitely use Drive for this task
then you have "just" bottleneck stages:
1. speed of your WAN Upload
2. speed of their WAN Download (each of them)
Thanks guys. I installed Drive and am learning about it. It seems to function similar to Google drive except hosted on the NAS? Do the end users (the people downloading the data) need to install anything or can they just get it from a web interface? I have used dropbox in the past for this task but it seems to choke when there are too many files and the end user is just trying to download them and not add them to a drop account. Sometimes the people that are downloading these files are on Windows machines other times Linux. I do this maybe 1-2 times a month but the data is always going to different people each time and I hate having to educate them on how to download it. I just want something simple where it just works for them.
I guess another question is I can't see any permission settings. I just want the people to be able to download the data, not modify it. Also can you select just a subfolder to share? I am tinkering with it but not figuring out just yet,.
you can access the files via web interface.
Permissions can be set to read only if you need to as well as other options.
You can use Team folders option in Drive Admin console to expose your other shared folders on the nas and allow access to them via Drive.
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Welcome in the Syno Drive world 😎

You wrote:
- Data availability for 3 different users
- 1-2 times per month
- but the data is always going to different people each time

There is as @Rusty wrote, web interface.
You have to create each user account for the web interface availability. For 3 new users 2x per month based on specific group permissions, it’s peanut.
Then each user will open each defined folder or file, up to your definition. You can anytime cut the rights.
If this is a one-time deal, it might be a good idea to do this through Resilio Sync instead.

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