Should I defrag?

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Should I defrag?

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I have a Data scrubbing running once a month.
Defrag is not critical so I didn't schedule it and I performed it only once since I bought DS920+ few months ago.

I know that they're completely different but to understand more
1. Should I do it monthly or when I feel the disks are slow?
2. I know defrag can be risky if power fail but apart that?
3. Is it required to run data scrubbing after defrag? or the defrag itself "refresh" the 1 and 0 on the disk?
My guess is that some blocks are going to be skipped if they're not fragmented
4. Is it less stressing than data scrubbing? (if performed once a month)

Yes I do know Data scrubbing and Defrag are different, but I was googling and the decided to ask you guys hopefully someone can clarify.
I read the links below and some Reddit:
It is not required with Linux/DSM. Windows is quite different and users coming from Windows bring that thought process with them. BTW, defrag really messes with Snapshot Replication, resulting in increased space consumption. If you're using that package, you definitely want to avoid defragging.

Defrag if you like, but unless it will solve a problem you're having, just ignore it.
Thanks for the help again :)
I didn’t touch windows for many years, it’s just the availability of the feature on Synology made me wonder.
I agree I never needed or felt that I need to run defrag on RHEL / Solaris.

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