Should I turn off FTP?

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Should I turn off FTP?

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I turned FTP on a while back when setting up the forum I host. However I always seem to copy files on / off the forum via network sharing.

So am I safe to turn it off, or will it affect copying files via the share? I think not, but wanted to see what you guys think )
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Turned if off and I can't see any issues, so answered my own question :)
FTP is a network file access service as are SMB, AFP, SFTP, FTPS, WebDAV, NFS, etc etc etc.

They all implement it differently and have different features but fundamentally there’s a client end and a server end. They aren’t dependent on one another even though they can share the same content. So on your NAS you only have to run the server services that you will be using, i.e. the clients that you use on your Mac, PC, phone.

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