SHR and SHR2 format capacity

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SHR and SHR2 format capacity

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I'm thinking to buy 12BAY NAS (so far my favourite is DS2422+) and my dilemma is 108TB capacity MAX volume size on that NAS device.
So I'm thinking i'd make 2 volumes (one for work one for PLEX/media stuff) and there it comes dilemma.

My idea is:

Volume 1 - SHR2 with 9*16TB (7+2 for parity) = 112TB total size for 7 drives (2 are parity spare)
Volume 2 - SHR1 with 3*16 TB (2+1 for parity) = 32TB total size for 2 drives (and 1 is parity)
So what concerns me is about volume 1, is it possible to make it since Synology officially supports MAX 108 TB and in theory this is 112TB, BUT (bare with me here) since HDD manufacturers are counting 1kb as 1000 bytes and not 1024 bytes actually HDD capacity is smaller and on 7*16TB i expect to lose at least 2 TB per drive of actual size so i think avilable space on Volume 1 would be in range about 98 TBs of actual available space and not 112??

Is that theory/gonna work, any idea ?

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You can make a 108 TB volume from a 112 TB pool.

In reality your pool is 101.82 TiB.

Was that your question?
Hmm, not sure did i explained it well but my main concern is that i do not lose any drive space (112 vs 108 = 4TB lost), so wondering is Synology Volume calculation set at 1kb=1000b or 1kb=1024b ?

Thanks yes that 101 TiB is magic number i wanted to be sure is possible regardless of TB of Drives "wrongly" represented as 1000 instead 1024.
So all good, my plan would work fine then (7+2 HDDs for volume 1).

Thanks for confirmation Telos.

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