SickChill Command Line Start/Stop/Restart

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SickChill Command Line Start/Stop/Restart

Simple problem that I can‘t figure out. I used SickBeard-Custom to install SickChill fork; installed on DS418. Everything is running as expected, but I can’t figure out how to perform a command line restart. I’ve found the in volume1/@appstore/sickbeard-custom/var/SickBeard/sickchill/system/ but haven’t figured out the proper syntax to make it work.

Can anyone provide clarification?

Thanks in advance!
The exploit requires the SickChill UI to be reachable from the internet.

Unless you didn't forward a wan port to SickChill or added a reverse proxy rule to make it available from the internet.. Thus, if access is only possible within your local LAN, the required precondition to launch an attack is not given.

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