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Question Similar info sources to this forum


1811+, 3x 1813+, 718+, 214play ... multisite Ubiquiti Unifi networks (USG-Pro,PoE,NanoHD)
Operating system
Linux, Windows
Mobile operating system
Android, iOS
I'm just looking for similar forum to this one, not just forum, also News portal, Blogs with similar topics about:
- Synology (NAS, Home/SME Network, Surveillance)
- specialized to NAS environment (not just for Synology, but also include)
- specialized to Surveillance environment
- specialized to home or small/medium enterprises environment
- docker containers (except docker hub, git hub), also docker providers
- storage and related (disks, ...)
- specialized for photographers and video makers (not just for the camera HW, also for the SW, post production, data usage, ..)
- blogs, independent bloggers with their blog sites or blog platforms ... still related to topics above

I'll be glad for all your recommendations, web links and maybe small intro (your experiences). Thx

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