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I got this NAS , DS220+, and I somehow managed to install 2 HD as RAID1, and made a folder inside, BUT, I do not know how to move data from my PC to it or get files from it to my PC.
I need something simple like TWO windows side by side. On one side the content of the folder on the NAS, and on the other side a folder on my PC. Then just drag files from one side to the other and drop them there. I do not if this will MOVE them or COPY them. Do I have an option to select COPY or MOVE?
Can I copy or move a full folder instead of a file? Where to read about BASIC operations with files?
Thank you
Right-click on Windows Desktop... select New/Shortcut. In the address, box enter either,
<--- this is my preference, presuming you set a fixed IP for the NAS
Ignore the Browse button... Click Next… and Finish.

The shortcut will open Windows File Explorer, where you can copy/move file between your NAS and your PC.

Otherwise, you should see the NAS in your Explorer's "Network" section... double-click to open, then enter your NAS credentials, and you should see your files/folders.
It returns an error like in the picture


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You would normally map a local drive to a network share (shared folder in synology terms) on the NAS. Windows File Explorer can be used for that, other options could be e.g. Total Commander, which has has been designed for window-to-window copy/move file operations, including recursive operation on folder trees…
I have total commander like in the picture. What to do now?


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Net -> Network connections -> enter \\nasname\sharedfoldername and apply correct username/password for the share, and eventually tick reconnect at sign-in to make it persistant
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I am sorry. I was in rush and did not put the real name of the NAS. I did put it now and after the username and password, I got a window like in the picture. I assume that is the content (empty for now) of my NAS drive.
I believe I can copy/move folders/files from one side to the other. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Thank you, you made me happy.
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What is "sharedfoldername" . The drive it is completely empty, with just the nasname, nothing under it, and no subfolders.
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@Telos I have the two windows, but when I try to copy or move a folder, I get an error like in the picture. What to do now ?


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Files on the NAS have to be placed in shared folders, either the one’s that come with the DSM installation (I cannot recall in details which are standard, but most probably Photo, Video, Music etc), or in a shared folder you create yourself. Shared folders are created with DSM File Station, so if you create a “myfiles” shared folder, the mapping from your PC would be \\nasname\myfiles
You must have at least one shared folder on your volume, so that files have a place to reside.

Go to Control Panel/Shared Folders to create one.
Thank you Telos and Ragnarok.
I managed to create folders and a share drive Z
I can copy files with Total commander or with just two windows open and drag and drop using TeraCopy.
What scares me the most is the SPEED.
It is horrible, just 5-20 MB/s.
The source is an internal hard drive of the PC, and the target is the NAS.
I never had such a slow speed.
Maybe my purchase was wrong, and I did not read enough about these NAS units.
Probably I will replace it soon with something else/faster.
Until then, I will use it to store/backup, important files in the raid 1 I formated the NAS.
Thank you both of you for your help.


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Good to hear. You copy speed may point to a network setup issue and your LAN running at 100 mbit speed. A modern PC with a decent hard disk connected to a gigabit LAN should reach speeds around 100 MB/s, when copying large files. Many small files though equals more overhead hence less efficient copying.
Hello Telos,
The speed you saw in the picture is for large files. I converted my old VHS tapes to MP4 and now I try to store them on the NAS. Old good movies, 20-30 years old, but I still enjoy them from time to time. Size of file between 700 - 1500 MB.
Check cable quality, presuming that your path is 1Gb across all components. Also check your NAS Ethernet stats... that they are showing correct values. Turn off jumbo frames.

Some have reported improvements after disabling IPv6 on the NAS.
You see,
What you said is for you who knows the NAS in and out, but for me, just checking the Ethernet status is a problem, because I have to find out where to check.
Second, I have to find out what are the correct values to look for.
And in the end, I must find out where the jumbo frames are to turn them off.
What for you, it is a piece of cake, for me, 10 hours since I had the NAS, it is more complicated.
I will try to read more and discover.
Thank you anyway.
My experience with using a server over SMB (windows file sharing) is that you get much better speeds when you map the drive than if you just use the drive in file explorer as \\mydrive. My suggestion is to map the drive to a drive letter on your PC and try it all again. I bet your speeds will improve.
@dslamguy Sorry, but did not help. I had the drive letter from the start but no luck. Please look at the picture.

@Telos Bad luck for me. Probably I will return it and buy something else.
All the parameters you mentioned they were there, like in the pictures, except IPV6 which was ON. I turn it OFF,
but no luck.
The same 5-10MB/s speed.
I put some pictures to see.

What I found, interesting is the READ spread. When I copy from NAS to PC, a local drive, the speed is 90-150MB/s., but the same file if I want to write it back the speed of write to NAS /RAID1 is 5-15MB/s.
The hard drives are Western Digital 10TB WD Red Plus NAS Internal Hard Drive HDD - 7200 RPM, SATA 6 Gb/s, CMR, 256 MB Cache, 3.5" - WD101EFBX
Any suggestion ?

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