VPN Plus Server Site-to-Site VPN connecting methods

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VPN Plus Server Site-to-Site VPN connecting methods

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In this post I explained basically that I've joined the networks together in my house and 2 others of my family members. So even tough we live at our own places, we are on each other's network. Thats cool.

But I'm just wondering. I want to join another network (my parents-in-law) to our bigger network. This will then need to have 3 connections setup on each router. Synology has designed their site-to-site VPN solution that everything needs to be full meshed. But there is no option to do a hub-and-spoke setup, were the new site would just simply connect to our 'main network hub' (that has the best Internet connection), and that the IP subnet of this new site could then be 'advertised', or added as a manual route on the other routers to flow trough the main network hub.


Am I the only one who feel a little disappointed with this limitation?
This feature (Hub and spoke) is pretty fine implemented in Ubiquiti UniFi by 3 clicks (my setup in 3 sites). Never tested by me with SRM, because I have just one in one of my isolated remote site.
@Shadow Hello - I'm new to Synology routers and want to do what you have done and connect two NAS at different physical locations. Currently, I've implemented ZeroTier to do this and it works very well. However, I've just bought a Synology router for my place and was wondering whether using VPN plus and Site-to-Site VPN would be a better way forward. Specifically, with ZeroTier I'm getting between 50 and 150 mbps (translating into 5 to 15 MB/S) via FTTP 650/650 at my place and 500/75 at the remote location. I don't think is too bad, but I've seen advertised that the site-to-site is fast, but I can't find much experience on the internet from folk.
What is your experience? Any other issues with using it that you have found?

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