Slideshow from Shared Folder on iOS?

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Slideshow from Shared Folder on iOS?

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I have an old Android tablet that I have used for years to stream random pictures from a shared photo folder on my Synology NAS. I used an app called PhotoCloud, which worked pretty well. Now the screen on the tablet is going out and I wanted to repurpose an ipad to take over the job. Unlike Android, there seems to be a dearth of apps that can do something this simple.

What I'm looking for is fairly simple. Something that can stream from the photo folder and display a slideshow on the ipad in a random order. Hours in which the slideshow goes dark would also be helpful, since it is in the bedroom. Ipad has plenty of apps that slideshow off cloud based photos, but I can't find one that draws from a shared NAS folder. Any ideas? Thanks!
This isn't something I've ever search the app store. But I've used Stratospherix FileBrowser for years. I just checked and I can connect to the NAS and create a slideshow from one of the top-level folders in my Drive/Moments library.

I have the single purchase version (recently changed to FileBrowser for Business, but that's immaterial here) but they have a trial/subscription version called FileBrowserGO and you can try it for 3 days (seems a bit mean).

Maybe look for file share apps too?

We use a very old Philips digital photoframe with huge 96MB CompactFlash card. It times on/off plus acts as a clock.
Thanks very much for the advice. I gave FileBrowser a try. It has everything I need EXCEPT for the scheduled dimming/sleep function. Tried to find an app that would do that according to a schedule on the ipad, but no luck there either. Looks like I'll be ordering a PixStar, which is one of the few digital frames that still connect to a NAS...
Just because I had the exact same needs for my Synology, I created Pixette, an iOS app that streams randomly your pictures and videos from your NAS to your iPad using WebDAV. As the app is supporting older iOS versions (9.3.5 and later), you can use some creativity and turn your old device into a nice picture frame: I simply built a wooden frame for my iPad and hanged it in the living room. It amazes our friends!🤗
Please give it a try, I would be very thankful to get some feedback!
Thank you (y)
Just wanted to say, I got here because I was searching for an app to run a slideshow from my Synology NAS using an old iPad,
I’ve just installed Pixette, it was slightly fiddly setting up using web dev but eventually success. It is absolutely brilliant, a fabulous app, thanks

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