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Solved SMB share disconnects

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On a Mac I'm connecting to my shared folders in the usual command-K way. I get the list of folders and access one. It mounts and - as usual - the server appears in my Finder window under 'Locations'. Then I remember I need to access that other folder so, as I'm already connected, I click on the SynoNAS in Locations. I'm expecting to see the list of folders on the NAS, just like when I connect to any other Mac running SMB shares.

But no, I get 'not connected', despite there already being a shared folder mounted on my Desktop. OK, let's click 'Connect As...' and the server disappears from the Locations list along with the mounted share.

This doesn't happen when I connect to a Mac SMB...

There must be a setting I'm missing?
Using what protocol exactly?
SMB, the command-K shortcut brings up the 'Connect To Server' dialog, from there I'm asking for either smb://MySynoNAS or smb://
Mac Catalina has had (still has) issues with SMB connections. AFP still works.
I hadn't noticed to be honest. Happily connecting a Catalina Mac to another Mac acting as a SMB server. Solid as a rock. I'm sure there was a reason for not using AFP. Apple have given up on it for sure. I haven't used it in years.
You can try adjusting the SMB advanced settings in DSM Control Panel -> File Services. I have min SMB v2 and max SMB v3, and auto encryption.
I have that other than the encryption which I switched off in the vain hope to speed up some large transfers.

There are lots of 'advanced' SMB settings which I mostly don't understand. Though there might be something there.

It may just be Catalina then as it seems to 'forget' it has a connection.
Another wee update. Switched SMB back on. Went to another Mac. Other Mac is running 10.13.6. File sharing via SMB works perfectly as expected.

So its a Catalina 10.15.5 problem?

Mac users, what are you running?
It may have been just a Finder quirk. You can restart Finder without rebooting the Mac...

Apple menubar item -> Force Quit... -> select Finder​

Hoover over Finder icon in the Dock then either of...

Shift + Right Click​
Shift + Ctrl +Click​

Select Relaunch from the pop-up menu.​

If Finder doesn't look like it has restarted you can just click on its Dock icon.

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