SMS alert for UPS via SendInBlue

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SMS alert for UPS via SendInBlue

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I have SMS alerts set up - Control Panel -> Notification -> SMS and I've set myself up with SendInBlue. When the power goes down and the UPS kick is in I get a text message.

However SendInBlue keep suspending my account. I sent a test message after updating to DSM 7 and never received it. SendInBlue admit my account was suspended saying

Each SMS you send through Sendinblue is subject to automatic analysis. This is to detect possible fraud or abuse. We take this responsibility very seriously, as we endeavour to protect our clients’ sending reputations while preventing the sending of unsolicited or harmful SMS.

On this occasion, your SMS was subject to this analysis.

Unfortunately as this is a security feature we are not able to turn it off but our team does review alerts and reactivate accounts which have been falsely paused.

I chose SendInBlue over the other built-in provider Clickatell for reasons I can't remember.

The problem is I don't know I've been suspended by SendInBlue unless I test every few days. Are other people using them, having trouble? Or should I move over to Clickatell?

Would a push notification be a better solution?
Yes but no. Everything seems to send a notification nowadays no matter how much I fiddle with the settings. So there's a big list. A text message is very immediate, I get an alert and see the badge on the text app icon on my phone. I don't miss texts, I have a long list of junk notifications which I've never read...

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