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Snapshot or recycle bin?

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Hi all,

apologies of my question is stupid - I’m still a learner in storage :)
I did some research before I post it but couldn’t find something relevant

I’d like to add another safety net to my data so when I change a file or delete it for example, it can be restored to the exact original status (with permissions etc.)
My understanding is that Recycle bin is there for files that I delete only (which can bypassed)
If that is correct, then Snapshot can fulfill my requirement - is that true?

if so (and here is another silly question) where the snapshots will be saved?

Snapshotting is great. You set a time interval for snapshots. Snapshots are stored in the shared folder you are snapshotting.
Not a real issue but it could be cool if there was a folder where the snapshots lives. But I guess that’s the architecture of btrfs and there is a reason why it lives within the folder
just to be sure, the snapshot lives in the same shared folder, no other traces in other subfolders? (like the annoying @eaDir that I really wish Athey wouldn’t generate!)
So the Replication part to remote device, is just like an identical backup which includes the snapshots as well? Whats the difference between the replication service to the .hbk with versioning?
So the Replication part to remote device, is just like an identical backup which includes the snapshots as well? Whats the difference between the replication service to the .hbk with versioning?
Well, snaps and replicas are faster than the HB proprietary format. It uses the shadow copy method to make replicas. Also, it is geared more towards a disaster recovery/high availability solution than a conventional backup. On top of that, it cant be used with any other destination other than another SR-compatible NAS. HB is more compatible on that front.
Thanks. In this case snap replication is not what i want.
HB with versioning is a backup + snap?
This is my approach*:
  1. Snapshots for most shared folders. Depending on the frequency of updates to data I'm selective on using hourly snapshots.
  2. Don't use replication as I don't have NAS space to store that much data.
  3. Hyper Backup using multiple versions to another NAS's external drive. Exclude backing up backups, so not ABB share. I'll look into how to migrate ABB share as and when I need to, it's only a safety net in case the kids trash their machines.
  4. Hyper Backup (single version) of 'user data' (homes etc) to another NAS.
  5. Hyper Backup to Synology C2 for irreplaceable data, e.g. family photos etc.
My view on the risk of losing every version of something is that I'd probably be more worried about the home being burnt down. Generally, for backed up data there's the active version on Macs and PCs and then the backup, or backups. If the backup goes then there's hope it can be remade from the active version, and vice versa.

*excluding Macs. For them I use CCC to make bootable USB clones, a weekly and monthly. There's also Time Machine for non-NAS data that's changed since the last CCC run.
Thanks. I appreciate your info!! However, one thing I’m still not sure
Hyperbackup Rotation is like a snapshot?
so basically if file changed or deleted and copied to backup with the issue, it can be restored from older version just like snapshot?.

just trying to find more ways to avoid Jpeg being corrupted so I can recover. no matter how many backups I have - corrupted Jpeg can be copied to the backup until one day I find out :(

Btw my strategy is:
- Never trust HDD - I archive to M-Disc 100GB the most important data, once a year or two. It is more reliable than tapes.

1. NAS copy with HB (multi-version) to external 3x disks
2. Rsync to external SSD
3. Rsync to another server (SSD)

all done manually in my case, I don’t like scheduling anything except Data scrubbing.
Hyperbackup Rotation is like a snapshot?
Not at all. From the link above...


What part of that do you not follow?
From the link above I only understand that Hyperbackup can keep multiversion, basically the delta added/removed every backup.
but how is this different than snapshot? (Except the fact that snapshot is local to the shared folder)
Sounds to me that hyperbackup with rotation can provide me the same level of data recovery.

maybe I’m wrong but this is why I’m asking. I just don’t get it
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Sounds to me that hyperbackup with rotation can provide me the same level of data recovery.
The best way is just to try it (or both). And after backing up, perform a restore of an historical backup and historical file (or folder). The difference between a burrito and an enchilada is best conveyed in the eating.
I always think hands-on is the best way to learn. I tried them both
I can see that rotation provides me same functionality in terms of recover files that I modified/deleted from an earlier version.
Snapshot as well. Except that snapshot lives in the same folder on my nas, so it consuming storage space. I’m sure both are very different technology but as a user, I don’t understand the difference or what are the advantages of using snap considering my case:

- I prefer data recovery to be outside my nas on cold storage
- If both solutions reliability are the same, then I prefer to use less applications and keep it simple.
- no need for scheduling that often in my case. I don’t want to schedule tasks at all
Yes, you will be able to use HB to restore to any version you want (depending on how many you have configured). So even if the latest one is corrupt, but the one 3 versions ago is not, you will be able to restore the particular version you want.
Thanks Rusty! Sounds like what I need.
How would snapshot be different then? Or else functionality rotation & snap gives the same end result? (Except the architecture part where snaps are btrfs feature and live in the same local folder)

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