Snapshot Replication and Hyperbackup issues

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Snapshot Replication and Hyperbackup issues

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Hi guys!

I'm having some troubles with my snapshots, replication and obviously a Hyper Backup job.

I've set up a share "SGG" on NAS1 (DSM 6.x) and activated local snapshots at 2 AM, every day.
Additionally, this share got a replication to NAS2 (DSM 7.x), running on a daily basis, starting at 3 PM, repeating every 8 hours until 11 PM.

The error I'm receiving from the target NAS2(!) by email, roughly translated from German language "The replication job of share SGG has finished the snapshot transfer, however, the system was unable to update the shared target folder because of a running Hyper Backup job. Please customize one of the timetables to solve this issue."

What's interesting: on target NAS2, no Hyper Backup job is running at the time the error is sent out, which is likely to access the share "SGG" at any time. OTH, a single backup job IS running at 11 PM, but this one saves some other shares data to an local attached USB drive.

But, I cannot find the text of that above error in any log on NAS2. So, I wonder what's the source of this e-mail and how to solve this issue? Do you think that the one and only job at 11 PM, is causing the troubles even if it does not access the share in question?
On NAS1, no Hyper Backup job is running either at 11 PM.

So, question is: is the source of the e-mail NAS2 and why does it even complain about a backup job that is not even accessing the share at all (if this is the root of this warning above)?

Go to control panel, then notification email and set unique subject prefix for each of the nas. This will help determine which nas the notification is coming from
Thanks for your suggestion - this is already in place, hence I know the sender was NAS2, the target NAS.

However, I do not know what app caused sending out this message because there is no obvious log entry nor does Hyper Backup run any job that accesses my share "SGG". Nevertheless I rather would like to understand what is happening here....
I now moved some Hyperbackup jobs about five minutes behind the snapshots. So far no further issues. Nevertheless, I do not see any setup fault here, but rather an error in some Synology apps/scripts.

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