Snapshot Replication suddenly stopped

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Snapshot Replication suddenly stopped

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Out of a sudden, my Snapshot Replication (not creating snapshots on a Btrfs HDD) stopp working. I'm replicating four shared folders from my DS916+ to a DS918+, same LAN, actually are placed side by side.

The error I'm receiving on my DS916+ says authentication failure. The password did not change at any time. A reboot of the target DS (DS918+) did not solve this issue. The password used on the source DS (DS916+) is obviously the same as I daily use while logging into the DS918+ and this still works.

As a first try, I've reconfigured one of the four replication jobs on the source DS. Precisely I've retyped my password or better copied and paste it from Keepass, to no avail.

The snapshot replication ran a few weeks so far. In the morning, on the day it stopped, the DS did not properly wake up from its planned shutdown at midnight before. I got a blue blinking LED on the power switch on the front side of the DS918+ and I pressed it for about five seconds to force a hard shutdown. The DS started again and since then I've got those issues with the replication.

So, any idea which steps I could take to get this running again?

As far as I've seen, this package does not offer a restart or even shutdown option in package manager. OTH, when restarting the target DS, a restart of the package should have been performed automatically.

The logs in DSM do not show anything about this issue besides the message that the authentication failed. I get those messages on source and target.

But wait, now that you mentioned it: sthg special shows up in those logs. The text of each of those logs does not reveal the username that fails authentication while trying to replicate. It reads sthg. like "user[] failed authentication". I do not have the exact wording here, though, but obviously the log entry misses the username.
I will post the correct text later on...

I did not check /var/logs/messages so far since I assumed that the various logs in DSM will give me enough details.
Obviously, my bad :rolleyes: I did not realize that there is a user name field to input the e.g. admin account and the other field for the password.

Nevertheless, the cause of initial issue, the sudden stop, is still unknown. I did not change anything on the source and target DS, nor did I change the password of the admin account.

Second, I was confused by the asterisks that are shown at this place both in the user name and password field. I thought that I've to enter the password twice.

Thanks for reading and any hints!

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