SNV3500-400G or SNV3400-400G with Synology E10M20-T1?

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SNV3500-400G or SNV3400-400G with Synology E10M20-T1?

I am not sure to understand the difference between both when used with a Synology E10M20-T1? According the doc SNV3500-400G is built for built for demanding cache deployments in Synology rackmount NAS but unsure why? Is this the one to use for caching when used with an RS820+?
The main difference is the size (form factor). 3400 are M.2 2280 vs 3500 that is M.2 22110. On top of this, there is one more thing that swings in 3500 favor and that's power loss protection that 3400 do not have.

Apart from that, they are the same.

Most non RS models can only accept 3400 series considering they are shorter (M.2 2280) and 22110 can go into the expansion card supported models only.

So 3400 would do the same cache job as 3500 would, but it's up to you and your model to see what model you can install depending on your NAS.

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