So are only shared folders mountable as drives?

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So are only shared folders mountable as drives?

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Im very new to NAS and slow learner. And I know, its a rather blunt and bit silly of a question isn't it. Every guide and manual says you need to create shared folders in order to work the NAS, so in a way the answer is right there.
But just so I can finally rule it out in my head; you can't mount Volumes directly in the operating system of your computer, right?

I know in a way it doesn't really matter but it just looks so cluttered that to have to create so many levels before you have something that can function as a network and have it be a folder no less.

I'm on a mac.
You already gave the answer: " I'm on a mac"
The system of mounting should work on each and every OS, mac, Windows, linux,.. So it needs to be de-coupled from the OS and hosted file system. That is the main reason.
Of course, makes all the sense in the world now actually.
I appreciate the prompt and forward clarifying.

..In the Windows world, you map a network drive - assigning a local drive letter on the PC to an externally attached network resource, in this case it would be by your NAS name\shared folder or by it's IP address\shared folder name, like this:


You would replace the above IP address with the address of the NAS.

I'm sure Apple OS has a similar feature

I'm sure Apple OS has a similar feature
Oh I do have the folders setup as volumes alright and in their own right they are running as network drives just beautifully actually. But I wondered why the volumes on my NAS couldn't be volumes on my mac. So I wasn;t aware of the de-coupling needed that would make the files accessible accross different operating systems. And now I can kindof understand why only via SSH the actual drives would be available.
you can't mount Volumes directly in the operating system of your computer, right?
I'm not a Mac guy... but you sorta kinda can maybe do something like this on Windows by creating a desktop shortcut yielding all shared folders (maybe this will spawn an idea for Mac users). Try this...

Right-click on Windows Desktop... select New/Shortcut. In the address, box enter either
<--- this is my preference, presuming you set a fixed IP for the NAS
Ignore the Browse button... Click Next… and Finish.
In addition to mounting drives you can use WebDAV to access files with a browser (will be slower than mounting drives but it can be useful for certain situations). For this, you'll need to install the WebDAV Server package and configure it.

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