So I lost/copied over existing backups

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So I lost/copied over existing backups

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Short story

I have been backing up my Minecraft server using USB copy to a Ext HDD it would only backup 10 versions and start again. I have now updated my Minecraft server but wasn't able to update the world ect and thought all good its backed up anyway. I started a new world/server and realised its the same name so it started over overwriting the existing 10 back up versions over the last 2 weeks, until I realised this its all gone :(

Question: Can I get this data back?

atm I am trying a Data recovery tool, but not convinced it will recover files from a linux style mounted storage setup, I used the synology NAS to format the drive ect when I first set it up. The recovery tool seems to be only finding files from the old NTSF file system partitions. My other theory was because the mounted folder is the same name, this would make it even worse/harder to recover the files :( thanks for any suggestions or even if you give me the bad news all good :)

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