RT2600ac So… if a different router was needed… what would you do?

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RT2600ac So… if a different router was needed… what would you do?

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I’ve got 2x 2600’s, so I’ve Plenty of time to determine what to do.

Seeing I hear that 2600 firmware support is ending next year….. and both 2600 and later Routers are tied to a ram device that can fail over time from activity…..

I could encounter the 2600 boot ram to fail. Easy fix for me, just replace with the spare I have, and continue on!!

Of all the routers I’ve ever owned, the 2600 has been the best, without a doubt. This Ram issue kind-of becomes planned obsolescence, but, firmware support is not forever on any device, so that, too, is a consideration.
Seeing I have plenty of time…. (Years hopefully) I’m nosy what others would do in this situation.

Not planning on jumping ship now, just nosy what others would do in same situation……

In meantime, with a spare on the shelf… “What? Me Worry?” (Alfred E. Neuman!)
“What? Me Worry?” (Alfred E. Neuman!)
You're Mad!

Please chime in as I'm on this quest too. I like the software features that I have in SRM: Safe Access; Threat Prevention; VPN Plus; DNS Server; SNMP monitoring; log to external Syslog; a firewall (not just port forwarding). But finding that the embedded storage isn't going to be reliable in the long term then I'm interested in what else can do what SRM does (without paid licences).
Dropped the embedded boxes years ago and went down the pfSense road. Haven’t looked back since. Rock solid, supported by a big community and a wide selection of packages. The wireless part is handled separately through Ubiquity Unifi AP’s bound to a controller running in Docker on a Synology box.
I have been following the TP topic that led to the onboard memory discussion, but just wanted to say, that on top of my current mesh setup (2600+2200) I also have RT1900AC (the initial router) from 2016. running 24/7 since day 1, and still going with 0 issues. True, it no longer supports new versions of SRM (1.2.5 is max), but then again, I don't use it as my main device for the main network.

Just wanted to say that while all said might happen, doesn't mean it will happen. Saying that, the life cycle on any device will come at a certain point in time, be it a router, nas, or an hdd.
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What you posted is correct, Rusty! The same type of Thing occurred in Tektronix, Ampex and Sony Broadcast gear with DALLAS Semiconductor BBRAM in the late 90’s onward! Companies came out with pin/pin equivalent replacement chips, that would last a minimum of 20-25 years, and actually cost less, but that necessitated careful de soldering of chips, adding a socket to PCB, reading the removed chip in a prom reader, programming same code into new device, inserting new chip onto board, then returning power to see if you were successful!

Problem was: in most instances, you had to do this BEFORE the Battery failed! There were devices that the data could be re-written into blank new chips on PCB. (Again, unsoldered and socket added, and a 10-30 min procedure with custom test equipment or tapes and talented factory trained maintenance person).
Those BBRAM Chips were not supposed to fail. But a high % of them did.
I did such a repair on my personal Tektronix scope..
This shows that this type of situation is not new, or unique to Synology, but when issues like this occurs, those issues were designed around to avoid it from happening again — in subsequent models.

We can’t pay to have that type of repair here. Same type chip used in later design.

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