SOLVED: How to find/search for photos by metatag in Synology NAS

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SOLVED: How to find/search for photos by metatag in Synology NAS

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My Synology DS220+ contains a large number of photos, mainly .JPG format which I have tagged on my PC over the years. On the PC I can search for photos by metadata tag (e.g. "vacation2016" or "trees" or "mountains" or "family photos") but when I entered one of these tags into the Search field in Synology Photos or the Synology File Station they found nothing.

I was left wondering whether the Synology NAS simply doesn't index metafile contents or is there some setting, e.g. in the DSM, that I should change to make it index and find that metadata ? Under Media Indexing in the DSM it says "Indexed Folder settings do not apply to Synology Photos and Video Station". Thrashing around for ages on the 'net revealed no other useful leads. DSM Control panel -> Media indexing -> Select folder photo for indexing -> select 'photos' -> Start index doesn't produce a searchable index.

I've now stumbled on the hidden solution: DSM -> Universal Search -> Preferences -> File indexing -> select the photo folder for indexing -> tell it to go ahead with indexing that folder -> wait 30 minutes while it indexes -> searchable folder which now allows searches via Universal Search for photo tags on the PC and allows tag-searches in the DS File app on my Android tablet.

Why the Synology NAS user is supposed to waste hours jumping through these hoops to find out that there are two routes to tag searching of photos, one a dead end and the other functioning, is a mystery to me.

If anyone influential from Synology is reading this I'd appreciate a Synology workover of the NAS Search interface instructions so that ordinary mortals can set the NAS up to search by metadata tag.

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