Solved: Odd message logging in on new account: "Are you sure you want to kill your own connection?"

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Solved: Odd message logging in on new account: "Are you sure you want to kill your own connection?"

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I just created a very limited use account - it only has access to photos.

Logged in for the first time on it, changed the PW as prompted, and then this message appeared.

Can someone tell me what this is about and what I should choose? Googling was strangely unhelpful, and there is no info on this in the Synology KB (I searched on the message in it).
Never mind...hit "End Connection" and it just logged me out to allow me to log in again. Just awful messaging...what's so hard about saying something recognizable like "Are you sure you want to log out?"
Welcome to the club 🌝
My first encounter with “kill” in the context of computers was when I learned about linux, about 22 years ago. To my astonishment I later knew that “killing” is a proper action on processes when they are stale or not functioning as usual.
This is a strange collocation to grasp.'s obvious in retrospect, but I don't expect the DSM to present unfiltered Linux messaging in this type of context (i.e., what a basic user logging in would see, not a DSM admin), so I completely missed what it was telling me. I use command-line Linux (Debian) on several RPIs I have at home and am familiar w/"Kill" messaging in that context, but it caught me offguard on the DSM. That and the fact that I had zero hits when I searched on the messaging (Internet - you failed me! ;-)) had me a little worried, I admit! :D

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