[Solved - user error] Admin account restored, can't re-initiate 2FA

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[Solved - user error] Admin account restored, can't re-initiate 2FA

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I had disabled my admin account but that broke cloudsync, so I restored it and put in a wild/crazy/long PW to make it secure.

I have a second admin-level account that I can log into, but from that account I don't see a way to re-enable 2FA on the original admin account. I can't log in using the original Admin account as it expects 2FA and won't let me log in w/out the 6-digit passcode.

The only option I get on the login screen is to send a code to my email, but for some reason that isn't working - nothing arrives.
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NVM...problem solved. I forgot to update email settings when I changed email PW a while back so emails weren't being sent.

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