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DSM 7.1 Some backup questions

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Hi all,

so finally i received today my DS1522+ with 4x 4TB drives. Total space is 10TB told by the NAS. How is this possible? i put it in RAID-5 maybe thats why?

I am now doing the Synology Replication stuff, and want to know what the best way is for the rules.
I wanted to do it like this:

Is this correct, or can it be improved?
4 x 4,000,000,000 bytes in raw storage
3 x 4,000,000,000 bytes in RAID 5 (or SHR-1) storage. Though not quite accurate as there is also a small mirrored partition across all drives for DSM.

Using btrfs file system will take a bit of space too. Then you convert this base10 version of TB (1KB = 1000B) to what computers use, base2 (1KB = 1024B). Yes there is now a new SI version of KiB to mean the real KB. It all started with marketeers who are generally arts graduates and find maths too hard.

Snapshots need to go back and be as frequent as you need to be able to recover the data. For shared folders that rarely change I have a daily snapshot and maybe retain those for a week, then one per week for a month, then back three or six months. Other shared folders are more frequent.
I understand you make snapshots as a backup on the same device?
Mind that a snapshot on the same volume cannot be regarded as a backup as it is on the same device and same place. Ransomware, multi disk failure, fire, theft can all destroy both your data and the backup.
I watched the spacerex video therefore I am asking this. Only he is using dsm7 and I dsm7.1

So in this case doing snapshots it's useless? It was more for the restoring files when deleted etc.

So not to do?

Just an extra. I created shared folder called familija. I added my wife and myself. But when I want to use Synology photos and want to backup photos to the shared folder I don't see the path. Or is this not possible?
Snapshots are fine for short term recovery, but backups are at another device, in another location.

Did you create and use the shared folder /photo?
I will see where I can do external Snapshot. In any case maybe to buy an external HDD would that be a good Idea? And to copy fotos as well only on the external HDD.

I will check the kB. Because spacerex was not mentioning this part.

If I delete all the fotos on the Synology for now and to enable the space would be ok right?
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Just a question for now. I am doing the backup. 15GB is of Google Photos, but when i look at the amount of pictures stored on the DCIM folder. It does not match with the total amount of storage. On the Nas it's about 4.7gb

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