Some backup questions...

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Some backup questions...

2x DS1813+ , DS1019+
I have 3 NAS devices. One is dedicated to time machine backups from our MACs.
My DS1019+ is my general file server. It hosts photos, music, install kits, manuals, user files and company files. It has a hot spare drive just in case. My DS1813+ is used to back up the main server. I use rsync and I get an instant backup of changes to the main server. So, in general, pretty ok security.

Now, I would like to use an external esata dock to make off line backups. It the past I have used the dock on my PC with a bunch of robocopy scripts that acted somewhat like an on demand rsync. I plan to retire the PC this year so I need a replacement. Doing it directly from the backup server seems like the best solutio.

The issue I have is the rich offerings of backup choices on the disk station. I am overwhelmed by choice and possible complexity.

From the perspective of operation, I would like to insert a drive into the dock, and based on what dive it is, choose a preconfigured (task, script etc), and start it and have it update the drive with all changes. Each task would likely be a single shared folder (with all sub folders).

So, I ask the assembled, what advice can you give? I am not a sophisticated Synology user so be gentle with what you think I might know.

thank you
In your case I would try to figure out if you can somehow connect that external esata dock to your DS1813+ . I don't know if it has an esata slot, or maybe use an USB adapter. Note, I'm assuming you do not have apps on your DS1019+ that also needs to be backed up.

Then install the 'Hyper Backup' package on that NAS. Set it up to make a backup everynight to your external device with the 'Smart cycle feature' in the Rotation settings. This gives you the option to have backup versions going back weeks (depends on the capacity of your external drive).

I have 2 NAS'es (in different locations) that sync with each other with Drive (2way). Both have an external USB drive that I use to make backups like I just described.

Also, have a look in this article:
A few thoughts to get your wheels turning. Here are three "old-school basic" Synology backup approaches, suggested with simplicity in mind...

USB Copy (Package) was designed to copy data from/to an attached USB or SD device; however it will not work with eSATA. USB Copy can be scheduled, run on demand, or run automatically when USB media is mounted. Multi-version or single version backups are supported.

Shared Folder Sync (DSM Control Panel - Advanced Mode) was designed to copy a shared folder to another NAS using rsync. Flexibility is limited to selection of shared folders to be synced; but not selection of subfolders or media types within the shared folders.

HyperBackup (Package) was designed to provide backup/recovery to/from another NAS -or- a USB/eSATA attached device. HyperBackup can be scheduled or run on demand. Multi-version and single version backups are supported.

You might consider maintaining at least one multi-version backup to protect against any accidental deletion or corruption that was not immediately corrected. However, HyperBackup's multi-version backup is slower to recover vs. a sync copy. For example, I currently backup NAS #1 with a Shared Folder Sync to NAS #2, as well as a versioned HyperBackup to NAS #3. Recovery of of 30TB between DS1819+ on a 10GbE connection takes about 3-days coming from a HyperBackup version - or about 2-days coming from the Shared Folder Sync copy. We practice a recovery at least once/year in January, so we are well-prepared to face an unscheduled recovery, should it occur.

Snapshot/Replication and Synology Drive are, of course, the latest generation of tools to protect your data. But I will leave that for others with more experience to comment on.

Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestions.

i have a flock of raw 1tb drives I use or can use for off line.
my dock plugs in to the eSATA port on the rear of the NAS. Since I use shared folder sync from NAS 1 to NAS 2, I thought to do the off line backups from NAS 2 to an attached set of drives in the eSATA dock.

what I need is some guidance on how to set up what I want.

i see the external drive in external devices.

from an operational view, I would like to put, for example, my “photos” off line disk in the dock and then “execute” a command to rsync the photos folder to the external drive. Then dismount the drive, insert my , for example, music drive, rinse and repeat.

i would have a pair of alternating external drives for each major shared folder.

thoughts? Thanks!
from an operational view, I would like to put, for example, my “photos” off line disk in the dock and then “execute” a command to rsync the photos folder to the external drive. Then dismount the drive, insert my , for example, music drive, rinse and repeat.
Why not use Hyper Backup for this? Just create the task without any schedule and every time you mount the disk on the dock go and run that task (using Hyper Backup). You can even tell it to eject the disk after it’s done.
Thanks WST16. That is what I thought but I got confused with how to create such a task. I did say that I am a Synology novice though long time IT Guy.
No worries. It tends to confuse at first. Just go over @RoCaRay post above one more time. He summarized it very nicely.

You can either use:
Local folder & USB option.
The backup will be in a Hyper Backup database and can have versioning.
Local folder & USB (single version) option.
This will be just the latest files in a readable format/structure. You can format the disk on you Mac or PC and a connect it to your DS. Use this option to be able to directly read the backed up files on mac/PC.

Note that when you start Hyper Backup and choose an option, the next step asks for a destination. That will be your USB drive.
Thanks. It it starting to make more sense.

it seems that I should be using a USB dock (I have one) instead of the eSATA dock I was planning to use?
I use an external eSata drive for my DS218+'s Video Station libraries. The reason being that the external drive has slow USB 2 or eSata, it's a nice rectangular metal case, it's perfectly good and working, and I already had it and only cost an eSata cable to test it was supported. It's a single drive enclosure with a 4TB WD Green (IIRC).

My eSata drive gets mounted as a Shared Folder called 'satashare' and I cannot remain it like I can for USB drives.

I just checked and 'Local folder & USB' permits me to select 'satashare' as the destination ... this task type is really any local Shared Folder: internal, USB, or eSata.

This is the USB 3.0 version (doesn't have eSata port) Icy Box IB-366StU3+B
As mentioned by @fredbert, it’s perfectly alright to use an eSATA dock. I believe it’s slightly faster (than USB 3) when it comes to writes, while a bit slower when it comes to reads. You’ll be doing lots of writing (backup), so it makes sense to use eSATA. And since that eSATA port is sitting idle, why not use it and save the USB ports for other things.

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