DSM 7.0 Some icons are not visible [RESOLVED]

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DSM 7.0 Some icons are not visible [RESOLVED]

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I have a really bad problem. I say this because I think the solution should be simple but I can't find it, despite my research on the official help about Hyper Backup, and on this forum. Maybe I'm using the wrong keywords.
My two NAS DS1621+ run with the DSM 7.0 operating system.
On one of the DS1621+, my problem is the following: I wanted to create a backup task on an external USB hard drive. When I use Hyper Backup to create a new backup task, I don't have all the icons visible (according to image pic_01).

I need to choose "Local folder & USB" option. I have to type something in the filter field, like "usb" and then all the options appear (according to image pic_02):

When I delete what I have just written in the filter field, all the save options remain visible (according to image pic_03):

On my second DS1621+ model, all backup options are visible.
Do you have an idea to solve this presentation problem?

Thank you already for your precious help.
I had this and it resolved changing browsers.

Places I would look are browser extensions, browser magnification, browser scripting filters/blockers.

Initially, retry in "safe/private mode".
Hi Telos,
Thank you for your quick reaction. This is all very very strange...
I normally use Firefox. When I connect to my first local NAS DS1621+ at the address 192.168.*:*, some icons are invisible as initially explained. When I connect in safe mode, it doesn't change anything, even if I cleared the Firefox cache.
On the other hand, when I connect with Firefox on my second remote NAS DS1621+ at the address ****.myds.me, all the icons are present.
And the amazing thing, if I use Google Chrome, all icons are present on both NAS.
I don't understand why with the same browser, Firefox, the icons appear on one NAS and not on the other.
I would like to still be able to use FIrefox without having to use this trick of filling in the filter field to see all the icons appear on my local NAS.
This is for sure some sort of cache/browser problem. It is indeed odd that it works for one of your NAS and not the other over FF, but if another browser shows them fine, it's a browser/cache problem.

Has a similar problem on DSM 7.1RC version with one wizard for ABB NAS agent. After using a different browser it was all working as intended.
Well. I logged in with Firefox on my local NAS from another laptop. All icons are visible. So I completely agree that it is a cache memory problem.
I again cleared the cache memory and browsing history SEVERAL times. I logged in again in safe mode. Surprise! All icons appear again. And it also works in normal mode.
It's too strange... The main thing is that now everything works and I hope it can be useful for other people.
Thank you to all of you.

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