Some packages got broken and are not installable anymore - pgsql issue

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Some packages got broken and are not installable anymore - pgsql issue

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Linux / syno noob here :)

It seems I had a crash with my DS920 and may have lost some files during it
When I restarted, DSM 7 showed lots of errors regarding my packages (all of them used to work properly prior to it)
I managed to repair some of them but some others did not work, and when I try to reinstall them, they show an error "you need to enable pgsql adapter service". It happens, to name a few, with
- Download Station
- Media server
- Some docker containers, it seems ?

I SSH'ed in my syno and indeed the service is not started, and I was not able to restart pgsql
Also found a similar issue on reddit which I tried the tutorial with, and it did not work :
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I tried a DSM7 mode 2 reset, managed to get back into the interface, tried reinstalling, to no avail.
I would have expected a mode 2 reset to solve the issue but it seems not everything was reinstalled on my volume.

Any help would be more than welcome !

Cheers !

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