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sommer and warm days

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It just sommer is coming (or almost one month of really hot days over 30 here in CEE). And this perfect source of shared knowledgebase is go slow down. Then we will come back again when hot days will gone. For me this time is enjoing of a digital silence. Of course guys from southern hemisphere can feel it in different way :) .
btw, HDD internal temperature still on 29C, purchased new Noctua 20cm blower to new custom/tuned rack glass door, it can bring 5C decrease.
Gents, back to partial digital life from the digital silence.
I see here many of interesting topics and my task list of NASs improvements is waiting for mentioned challenge from Syno updates. Glad to see, that many of the forum members still alive in this Tour de France peloton.

PS: still hot outside, but sufficiency of A/C by 🍺 is positive 😉. Cheers!

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